About Us

Our Mission


Naked Things Burlesque Revue is about bringing together the Iowa performers we can’t get enough of with the performers we wish we saw more of! Add in a few Special Guest performers from across the Midwest and it turns in to a real raunchy good time here in Central Iowa!
Naked Things is created by queer native-mix women Demolition Deschain, and is based on the idea that everyone deserves to take the stage, that new performers need a place to grow and polish, and feel welcomed in the community.

Iowa Burlesque

The Iowa Burlesque landscape has grown and changed over the last few years and Naked Things wants to continue to provide audiences and performers a place to enjoy the art of the tease in Des Moines, IA. Burlesque can't exist without an audience! 

Discovering Ourselves

Naked Things is committed to casting Women, Femmes, Queer, Non-Binary and Gender Non-Conforming performers. We believe the stage can be a place to explore and discover different aspects of ourselves, and share these parts of our identity with our audience.